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Not your mothers home office

Inspirational and creative work space These days so many of us are trading in our corporate work spaces for a more relaxing environment. Whether it’s full time or part time, it seems we are all choosing to spend more of

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Designer Tip

It does not always take a complete makeover to re-energize the look of your home.  With a small change here, or a new addition there, along with a bit of reorganization you will be amazed at the results, and best

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Style Survey

What Style Speaks to You ? I thought it would be fun to reach out to all my readers and ask the question What’s your style? Selecting the right style for you and your personality is so important in creating

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All the Colors of Fall

Fresh fall color scheme I know what you’re thinking, why are we talking about fall decor in the middle of August ? As a designer I say it’s never to early to start preparing a fresh new seasonal design scheme

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Sleek Contemporary (Explorer) Style

This breathtaking sophisticated / sleek contemporary styled living room expresses an old world charm, with its exploratory accessories and calming monochromatic neutral color palette Learn to design this, and much more with back to basics interior design

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Did U Know? – Complementary Colors

A complementary color scheme is one of the most dynamic but simplest color schemes to design with Colors that lie opposite each other on the color wheel are referred to as complementary When these colors are paired together, they each

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Classic black & white

Classic color schemes that never go out of style A simple black & white color palette will add both drama & sophistication to any room This timeless color scheme can go from the bedroom to the balcony The beauty of

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Did U Know? – Patriotic Decor

Not just for the 4th of July anymore Designing a room in an all American Red, White & Blue color palette can be a bold choice, but always stunning and unexpected Here are a few of my favorite rooms

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