Design Sessions

The 6 basic guidelines to good design

Session # 1 Guidelines

Mood & Function (The first rule of design, is that there are no rules, only guidelines) So if you’re ready, let’s get started When designing any room in the home these are the (6) major guidelines to keep in mind

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Session # 2 Identifying Style

Hollywood Glam Style Happy Saturday & welcome to session # 2 Identifying style Style Style: (=combining distinctive furniture pieces and accessories)  There are 100’s of styles out there these days, from Art Deco to Zin, but I have chosen the

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Session # 3 Selecting a Style

Rustic Farmhouse Style Happy Saturday everyone hope you had a very creative week So now that we have covered the most popular styles of today, let’s talk about how you go about selecting one There are a few different ways,

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Session # 4 Having a Conversation

With your room that is ! Now that we have covered (3) of the basic guidelines we need to have a conversation, a conversation with your room that is, and as crazy as that sound’s it really works ! So

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Session # 5 World of Color-Part 1

Color is all around us – embrace it! Happy Saturday everyone! Welcome to session # 5 The Wonderful world of color Part 1 There is so much to cover I decided to break this session into 2 parts so we

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Session # 5 World of Color-Part 2

White walls & pops of color make for a stunning design Happy Saturday everyone ! Welcome to part # 2 of the wonderful world of color, hope you spent the 4th of July enjoying family and friends I believe we

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Session # 6 Harmony

Good morning everyone and welcome to the final basic guideline to good design ! Harmony Harmony is the guideline that brings everything together Harmony = (assuring all elements work together) In a successful room, all the elements must work together

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Guideline Re-Cap

Ready – Set – Design ! Hi everyone I hope you and your family have been outside enjoying this wonderful summer.. I know I have As I mentioned in my welcome letter, I started this blog for one reason and

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