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Style Survey

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What Style Speaks to You ?

# 1 Traditional
# 2 Casual
# 3 Contemporary

I thought it would be fun to reach out to all my readers and ask the question

What’s your style?

Selecting the right style for you and your personality is so important in creating good design

So please indicate in the comment section below which fall table setting best reflects your style

Are you:

  • # 1 Traditional
  • #2 Casual
  • #3 Contemporary

I will post the style with the most votes the first week of October

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Thank you !

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About the Author

Terri Ortega

Terri Ortega

Terri Ortega is a professional interior designer. She started Back to Basics Interior Design in 2019 with a mission to teach the basic guidelines of good design. Instead of just showing photos of beautifully designed rooms, she wanted to share with everyone the skills and tools to achieve the same professional results in their own homes.

ready to transform your room?


6 Responses

  1. I’m more of a casual guy. I tried to be more contemporary, but I can’t wear skinny jeans:) Good luck and thanks for the education.

  2. Hi, my vote is for the contemporary style. I love a crisp clean white color palette with the blue and orange accents

  3. I like the Traditional style the best. I have always set my holiday tables with a formal elegant look. I am very much enjoying your blog Terri its very creative and informative.

  4. Hi Terri, I love a rustic look and my home is furnished with rustic farmhouse furniture. I normally set a very formal holiday table, but now I am going to try the casual table setting shown here. I love the neutral colors and I think this will look great on my rustic farmhouse table. Thanks for all these great decorating ideas

  5. Hello, my vote is for the contemporary table setting. It has a fresh clean look. I have learned so much from your design sessions, I am getting ready to re-do my bedroom and I feel like I now have all the tools to make it perfect.

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